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Creating value

beyond number


The impact you have as a Finance professional at Philips Lighting

Financial reporting is about being creative and thinking outside of the box


By Rogier Dierckx

Head of Record-to-Report Accounting Operations at Philips Lighting


For me, financial reporting is about being creative and thinking out of the box; being value creation officers, not number crunchers. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

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Our people-oriented working environment motivates me


Technology has always attracted me. I hold a Masters in Chemical Engineering alongside my degree in Financial Management. After an initial period as an engineer in a Philips lab, however, I realized my interests centered more on business processes and management than physics. I was able to shift to a different track within the company. I find Philips Lighting an excellent work environment, not least because it is so people oriented. I really appreciate that.

People before Profit


After my first job with Philips in Eindhoven, I took on a posting in Hong Kong for three years as business controller, before coming back to work in supply chain and accounting operations. I was assigned to Philips Lighting just four months ago – which feels exciting and challenging, following the company’s recent stock market listing. I’m proud to work for a company that aims to make a difference in the world, not just make money. We’re front runners in the field of lighting solutions, and it feels good to know we’re helping to deal with the energy problem, and contributing positively to people’s lives all over the world.


I especially enjoy working with people. At the moment I manage a global ‘virtual’ team, as well as our external bookkeeping service providers. My job is to deliver complete and accurate financial reports for the shareholders and business management, which has an impact on their ability to make informed and effective decisions.


I believe we have to stay flexible and add value, and my team does that by providing useful insights at the right time. It’s not just about the numbers; you have to know what’s behind them. A lot of my work is about communication – building networks and connections to bring people together. It’s important to solve problems, get alignment on goals, and energize the teams.


I see my next career move perhaps taking me closer to the customers again. I’m a firm believer in lean operations, and becoming better problem-solvers; understanding customers’ needs so that we can translate them into better solutions. We have a shared passion here that I think goes beyond what you could normally expect from a company.