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Every day we’re seeing new technologies that make life interesting.

A growing operation with an international career perspective

by Robert Rudics,
Plant Manager at Philips Lighting Hungary, Tamási 

I originally joined Philips because it was a leading company with a strong background. It was stable yet growing. In my town in Hungary, Philips had a major presence. You either worked for the company or knew someone who did. You can learn a lot at Philips which is great for your career. It’s the best working culture you can have.
A growing operation with an international career perspective

A people-centric environment in an attractive place to live and work

I first started working for Philips in 2003 in a financial role. My background is in engineering so I had no experience in finance. I worked as a Cost Engineering Team Leader for four years and then did a one-year assignment in Mexico. After that, I moved to Philips’ headquarters in the Netherlands and was involved in forming the Operations Controlling of Consumer Lifestyle business group. I came back to Hungary in 2011 and joined Philips Lighting as Commercial Supply Chain Leader for Central and Eastern Europe. In 2014, I was appointed Plant Manager of the Philips Lighting Factory in Tamási.


We mainly make indoor luminaires for the retail, office and industrial Customers. When I first worked here, it was the smallest plant for the Professional business group in Europe. In the past two years, we have tripled our output. Today, the plant produces the largest volume of products in Europe and it’s growing rapidly. Dealing with this steep ramp-up is what keeps me awake at night. It’s not just the people on the production line, it’s competences, new products and the dynamic nature of LED technology and market potential. Every month there’s something new to introduce.


Tamási has a lot to recommend it. It’s a tranquil region so a lot of families are moving here.

To the west, Balaton Lake is within easy reach. It’s the biggest lake in Central and Eastern Europe and a huge tourist attraction with facilities for swimming, sailing, horse riding and golf.

To the south of Tamási there’s the Szekszárd wine region. The Gyulaj Forest wild animal preserve is also nearby.


Philips Lighting Tamási is people-centric atmosphere with strong links to the local community but it also has international connections. You can have a steady job if that’s what you want, but if you want a fantastic career you can have that too.


The lighting industry is very dynamic, it’s one of the fastest developing industries. Every day we’re seeing new technologies that make life very interesting for any functional expert working and living in this ecosystem. Eg. development engineering, SCM, Purchasing, Process Engineering, Quality Assurance, Marketing or Sales.”