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Flexibility, freedom

and recognition at

Philips Lighting


Working for Philips Lighting you have the flexibility to work the way you want and have an impact on the business."

The freedom to make decisions

By Pamela Abraham, Senior Channel Marketing Manager


I started working at Philips Lighting after a former coworker at the company referred me. At my previous company, I had the chance to work with Philips Lighting on in-store promotions at Home Depot. What attracted me to Philips was that it had a reputation as an industry leader and seemed like a great company to work for. I like working for a recognizable household brand that is known for its quality and innovation.

Seeing your work come to life


As a Senior Channel Marketing Manager, I work with retailers like Amazon and Best Buy on our connected and LED products. I really enjoy talking to customers about the best way to drive sales. Recently we were involved in Amazon’s Prime Day and the promotions we created sold out! It’s exciting to see the projects you work on come to life.

I like being a decision maker. In my previous role as product manager, we launched a new LED product that changed Energy Star government regulations. It reduced a lot of the product costs and also generated more energy savings. I’m so proud that we brought energy-saving products to people who couldn’t afford them before. As a result, we also won the People’s Choice award in the Philips Excellence Competition, an annual global contest where employees share best practices and are recognized for achieving operational excellence.

Collaboration is key


It’s a very open environment at Philips Lighting and there’s a lot of cross-functional collaboration. When I have a task that needs attention, I can walk over and talk to a colleague and get it done quickly. At previous employers, I sat in cubicles and had to schedule many meetings or send emails to get the same results. Here, it is much more flexible. In my group, if we want to get something done we go into a conference room with the key stakeholders and hammer things out.

Workplace flexibility


I really like the culture at Philips Lighting. You’re not required to sit in the same place for eight hours a day just so people can see you showed up for work. The organization is very action-oriented and results-driven. My colleagues and my manager know that I work hard and that I’m going to get things done; so I have the flexibility to be able to work from home when I need to.


Philips’ dedication to improving lives is reflected in our company, our innovations, and a commitment to our people. Philips Lighting employees change lives every day. Click here to learn more about how you can have a more meaningful career in Research at Philips Lighting.

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I feel empowered in my role. I like seeing how the decisions I make on a daily basis impact sales, and even the overall market.”  If you want a flexible environment where you can take charge and get things done, Philips Lighting is a great place. You have a lot of ownership and the freedom to do things the way you want."


Pamela Abraham

Senior Channel Marketing Manager