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Developing markets
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Illuminating situations


by Nhan Viet Nguyen
Head of Professional End-User Channel, Vietnam


As Senior Manager at Philips Lighting, I’m responsible for Direct Sales & Business-to-Government projects. I specialize in Professional End-User accounts and Outdoor Applications. My focus is on the development of new key account for Philips Lighting Vietnam, and what I’m working on now is how to identify and enhance relationship between Philips Viet Nam and its national key accounts, including how to approach its eco-systems and set up the proper sales channel for each key account.


I hold a BSc in Industrial Operational Management and an MBA, and I’m a certified Philips ‘Solution Selling’ trainer. I joined Philips Lighting in 2007, following over twelve years experience in Supply Chain Management in the mechanical and electrical services industry in Vietnam. My ambition was to further develop my management experience in the multinational environment of Philips Lighting. One of my responsibilities is to grow our sales teams, and I conduct customer-focused sales training courses to support the competent delivery of our lighting systems in Vietnam. 


My aim is to identify new customers and expand our coverage in new markets. I like to look at our local conditions, and think about what would benefit people and enhance different situations. I think few brands can compete with our quality, but I think what really sets us apart is our ability to propose new ideas and provide new solutions. We’re delivering radically new and complex lighting systems, which call for a long-term commitment, and my passion is to create a meaningful solution for each customer. By exploring specific business problems, we can develop innovative proposals with the right products for each job. I enjoy making a real impact on the environment, and at the same time giving the customers exactly what they want.


Colorful opportunities

There are many interesting landmarks and monuments that people come to visit in Vietnam, such as the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang. Local people and tourists alike love how this dramatic bridge now lights up the night sky. The vividly enhanced bridge also makes river traffic safer, and the whole surrounding area more interesting and lively for vendors and visitors. We’re currently involved in another project to illuminate the Nhat Tan Bridge and Sword Lake in Ha Noi, a capital of Viet Nam. 


Our projects are long-term investments: it takes three, even five years to develop and design the solutions, deliver the luminaires and help the customer run the system. One of my main goals is to ensure we collaborate effectively, both internally and with our external partners, over those long periods of time.

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We bring our customers end-to-end solutions for specific situations. Significant public lighting projects that satisfy people, and make residents proud of their city."


Nhan Viet Nguyen
Head of Professional End-User Channel, Vietnam