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Growing a tailor-made career 

by Marissa Haby, Product Marketing Manager, New Jersey, USA


You could say I grew up in marketing at Philips Lighting. Since starting my career fresh out of college with the Professional Channel Marketing team, where I learned all about different customer types, to my current position in Product Marketing Management, my career is developing exactly the way I want. There is tremendous openness in the organization to shaping your own career, and you have the support of management to do that — literally from the top down. 


Personal career choices

My first experience of Philips Lighting was after graduating in Marketing from Rutgers University, as a Channel Marketing Specialist. I always knew I wanted a career in marketing, but only Philips Lighting offered entry-level marketing positions and flexible career-building potential. Other employers tended to offer a more fixed career path involving a set number of years rotating through sales and other roles first, before providing you with specific options.


After two years of B2B experience, I felt it was time to get additional education. I wanted to learn more about consumer and strategic marketing, as well as people management. The company encouraged me to go for my MBA — which I completed this January. 

The highlight of working while attending night classes was being able to implement what I was learning the very next day at work. During my MBA, I transitioned to my current role as a Product Marketing Manager within the Hue team (part of the Home business group).  You really absorb the lectures - from strategic business planning and digital marketing to executive leadership and negotiation - by putting it into practice right away. 


Open options

I continue to explore new approaches all the time, and enjoy being able to share experiences with our colleagues around the world. We've been testing influencer marketing in the US, for instance, where we've built brand advocates so successfully that we've doubled and even tripled our campaign goals!


I like to keep my options open, and appreciate the way Philips Lighting encourages me in this. There are always new frontiers to be explored; that's one of the advantages of working in a global environment. It's good to know that you're working for a company that sees personalized career growth and expansion as a key priority for their employees. 


Our dedication to improving lives is reflected in our company, our innovations, and a commitment to our people. Philips Lighting employees change lives every day. Click here to learn more about how you can have a more meaningful career at Philips Lighting.

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We're constantly evolving, changing and adapting to what the market needs all the time. I love the flexibility and agility - it keeps you on your toes!"