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Passionate about lighting systems  


by Jitender Khurana
Head of B2B Sales at Philips Lighting in Singapore


As Sales Director of the Professional Channel in Singapore, I manage a team comprised of Account Managers, lighting designers and systems engineers handling B2B sales; the biggest of our sales channels. We also serve customers in Myanmar and Brunei, where we have no permanent office yet.


I have actually joined Philips twice! I first joined in India, following a B.E. at Mangalore University, and my MBA in Marketing & Strategy from the University of Delhi. After some experience elsewhere, I rejoined Philips in Dubai as Segment Leader in 2007, and then spent three years at HQ in the Netherlands as Snr. Product Marketing Manager for EMEA, before coming to Singapore in 2013. 


Shared passion

My responsibilities are to meet top-line business goals and grow market share. My focus is on driving our business, which is undergoing a digital transformation that is opening up exciting new capabilities and opportunities. We are moving away from sales of conventional lighting products to smart, digital and connected lighting systems. We’re at the leading edge of this industry; we’re ahead of the competition on the innovation curve. We’re making the transformation happen, sharing our passion for life-changing lighting solutions with our customers, our business partners, and the end-users! I really love that.


Iconic projects

In 2015, we completed an iconic project in time for Singapore’s 50th Anniversary, providing an end-to-end solution from design and installation to testing and commissioning, and limited period maintenance services. The project lit up the five bridges spanning the Singapore River, and I’m proud to say we met the very tough timeline of only four months – right through the rainy season, which made installation on the river particularly challenging! 


Another recently completed project is a street-lighting system for the island of Sentosa, Singapore’s famous entertainment resort. We’ve replaced the conventional street-lighting system with our AmpLight - a revolutionary tele-management system for monitoring, controlling, metering and diagnosing outdoor lighting points.


Projects like these really improve people’s lives. The colors and light bring a smile to people’s faces, the light quality gives greater safety on the river and the roads, and the customer gains sustainability and cost savings.

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Bridging Singapore City - Lighting 5 iconic river bridges


If you have ambition and skills and really aspire to something, Philips Lighting gives you opportunities to travel, experience different roles, learn and work with very diverse teams. Personally, I cherish that."


Jitender Khurana

Head of B2B Sales at Philips Lighting in Singapore