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How innovation is a way of working at Philips Lighting





Where marketing and technology meet 

by Jay Sudhakaran, Director, Marketing and Hue Partnerships, New Jersey, USA


After several years in the control systems industry, where I brought technology and marketing together in complex market strategy and total solutions, my work at Philips Lighting in the Home Systems Business Group is proving an exciting progression.


After four years’ experience in LED lighting for commercial and industrial markets, I'm now in a newly-created role that focuses on new B2B2C markets. We're exploring different channels, original solutions, innovative product development and easy-to-use apps for HUE applications in the home.

Meeting the needs of today's customers. Globally.

My background is in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. Although marketing is my expertise and primary focus, for me there has to be a strong technological component; I've always had a passion for technology. What inspires me at Philips Lighting is how the company isn’t only technology-driven. It’s open to and supportive of on-going innovation. 



My working environment is very conducive to creativity. Everything is open and flexible. From the office space I use to how I organize my working hours, I can adapt to my personal needs without complicated prior arrangements. The non-hierarchical nature of the organization means I can reach out to any of my colleagues, in any function and at any level, to get the information or decisions I need to progress my projects. That means working with colleagues in several different time zones — throughout the US, but also in Asia and Europe. 


True job satisfaction

Flexibility and speed makes all the difference in our industry, where product life-cycles have become longer but shelf-life shorter. We're continually creating solutions and using fresh marketing strategies in order to keep pace with the market.


We're shaping the lighting landscape and determining the future of the industry. And what makes this particularly satisfying is the knowledge that we're delivering something meaningful. We can provide people with more comfort in their lives, while at the same time saving energy, improving safety and enhancing overall quality of life. What’s more, the HUE home systems are accessible to a wide range of consumers because we provide scalable solutions, from entry level products to elaborate systems. So anyone can benefit.


Our dedication to improving lives is reflected in our company, our innovations, and a commitment to our people. Philips Lighting employees change lives every day. Click here to learn more about how you can have a more meaningful career at Philips Lighting.

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If you have a good idea, you make educated decisions and run with it. When your strategy works, you get recognition for it and can share it with other teams. If it doesn't, you simply try something different."