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Creating a Royal Entrance with light
The Meydan bridge in Dubai is an architectural marvel. Connecting the Meydan hotel to the main road, its undulating wave form and striking construction are seen by millions every year. Could light turn the structure into a modern landmark for the Dubai World Cup in March?


The Meydan Bridge and its smaller sister, the Royal Bridge, are important assets to Meydan city. Every year when the Dubai World cup is held, Royal family members and other VIPs use them to access the racetrack. Philips was tasked with illuminating the Meydan Bridge so that it would serve as a royal welcome and become an architectural landmark.


The specific requirements were for the bridge to be illuminated with blue light, and for the system to be maintenance-free. A complete study of the drawings and site was done, and it was concluded that the 2ft product would perfectly match the undulations of the bridge. Following the installation of the fixtures, the bridge has become a visual feast that can be seen from miles away. The blue light perfectly complements and enhances the striking shape of the bridge with a continuous line of light. A fun fact is that even a part of the Mission Impossible movie was shot on the bridge.


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I am very proud that we as Philips have contributed in lighting such a landmark in Dubai. The bridge leads to the race course and when lit, it has the shape of a horse. Not only is the bridge a spectacular icon that can be seen for miles, it is also very dear to Sheik Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai.”


                                           Grace Saliba

Marketing Manager B2B Philips Lighting MET