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Bringing clarity

to schools

Pride in innovation  


by Gerlyn Chan
Marketing Communications Manager at Philips Lighting, Singapore


I’m working on projects to inform schools about the benefits of our lighting systems. It has been so interesting to follow one process, right from our proposal to the Principal of the Dutch School of Singapore, to our analysis of the existing situation and comparison with results after SchoolVision was installed. It was my first experience of making a video about our system. Exciting!


After my Diploma in Business Administration (PR & Advertising) at Singapore Polytechnic, I got my Bachelors in Marketing from SIM University in 2008. I joined Philips Lighting as a marketing executive five years ago, and have recently been promoted to Marketing Communications Manager. I was attracted to Philips Lighting because I wanted to work for an international company and thought this one was interesting. They are the world leader in lighting, and known for their innovation – they’re also working on new things, I enjoy that!


Customer orientation

I report to the Head of Marketing, and mostly work with the product marketers and sales every day. My goal is to help reach our sales targets and increase brand preference through marcom activities. I find it important to talk to the end customers, and orient our promotions towards what they want, rather than playing a guessing-game. For me, the right messaging is key. We can’t just assume people understand what our lighting systems are all about - they’re new products, after all!


Understanding needs

It was fun to work at the Dutch School – and rewarding to see the positive responses of the teachers. Our lighting designers created an end-to-end system, which we fully wired and installed. For the video, we wanted the children to alternate activities, first playing outside before settling down in the classroom afterwards, and then doing schoolwork. Naturally, as 5-9 year olds, many of them were hyperactive after playtime – kids are kids! The system produced a warm, soothing light for this phase, and then a cool white light to help concentration, when they were doing schoolwork.


The teachers were visibly delighted with the results. Our survey showed reduced errors in the kids’ work, and I could see for myself how different lighting helped calm or stimulate them. It’s great to be part of projects that are bringing better lighting to people, to light up their lives.

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Philips SchoolVision at Hollandse School Singapore


I didn’t fully understand how SchoolVision worked until I saw for myself what a difference it made. If you didn’t experience it, you couldn’t know – that’s why we made the video. It feels great to help the teachers and children in this way."


Gerlyn Chan

Marketing Communications Manager at Philips Lighting, Singapore