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Pushing boundaries
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How Engineer Galvin helps make homes safer and give control back to the consumer


As an Engineer, Galvin is driven by a desire to make things work better. He believes they should be more effective, easier to use and have a positive impact on the world around them.


Galvin is a Systems Engineer with Philips Lighting in Singapore, and is pushing the boundaries every day on what is possible with light; how it can best be used for end users in a range of different situations. “I love the idea that we can put the control back into the consumer’s hands”, he says. “That way you can positively affect individual moods, home environments, ambience and a whole lot more. We provide the technology so that individuals can control their environment. That’s pretty cool.”


On a larger scale, Galvin was instrumental in the recent Lighting solutions software installation at Philips’ brand new state of the art APAC headquarters in Singapore. In programming the next generation Lumiled lights, he was able to ensure optimal working conditions for the 1,000+ staff members located there, and to create warm, welcoming and productive environments for everyone.


In practical terms, his solutions also help the APAC centre stay on top of security, with automated evening lights as part of a sophisticated after-hours solution.


Right now, he’s working on an internal ‘indoor positioning’ solution at the centre, to enable employees to be directed to available workspaces, empty meeting rooms, and free communal areas – cutting back on wasted time, and ultimately improving their workplace experience.

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It’s great to be able to apply that to our own workspace, but we are also looking at more advanced and practical solutions for our clients too; like large retail outlets that can help guide customers to exactly where they have said they want to go. We can help those customers get their shopping done more efficiently and with less stress – which is always a good thing”.


Galvin Ho

Systems Engineer, Philips Lighting Singapore