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I joined Philips 7 years ago. After a broad study in International Business, I began my career here, in a Finance role, as a Controller of the Supply Chain. From the start, I experienced many opportunities to help grow my career. As a full time employee I was able to gain more in-depth finance knowledge, by enrolling in a part time Executive Master in Finance & Control program. Philips supported this professional growth opportunity by allowing me the flexibility with work hours, and also providing tuition reimbursement.

During an internal development training in Philips, which focused on self-reflection, I discovered two key areas of development where I could improve – they were stakeholder management and creating a structured approach to problems. I was eager to learn ways to address these development areas. A career opportunity became available within Philips that would help me grow professionally within these areas. I applied for this internal position and became a Black Belt. This is a position where exactly these capabilities are crucial. I learned to master them on-the-job. Now, I even see that taking a more structured approach to planning has had a positive impact in my private life!

The size of Philips and its global scale also has been a big positive factor for me in my career planning. I have experienced many opportunities for promotions and lateral moves between different sectors (from televisions & shavers to light bulbs) and functional areas (from Finance to Supply Chain). My most recent step was an international move. A year and a half ago, my career at Philips took me from my home location in the Netherlands to the United States. Philips helped me to settle here, in a new country, very quickly and easily. The experience so far has been everything I hoped for – and more!

I continue to learn in my current position and I look forward to future growth opportunities - to develop inside the company and grow my career with Philips.

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Freek van Iersel

Freek van Iersel

Supply Chain for Philips Lighting / S&OP Leader Consumer Lamps Americas

Location: Somerset, New Jersey
Time with Philips: 7 years
Interests & Passions: Traveling, enjoying nature and different cultures, meeting new people and new experiences. Sports like running & cycling - preferably in a social form.