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Lighting accounts for 20% of total global energy consumption. We are leading a revolution here to make sure Lighting is cleaner, smarter and more efficient than ever before."

For Fabian, the decision to join Philips Lighting was part emotional, part rational. Philips Lighting holds a market leading position in many of the countries in which it operates, which has obvious appeal for someone in Sales. On the emotional side, though, he wanted to join a company he felt was genuinely making a meaningful difference to the world around him. “We are heading towards an LED world, away from conventional lighting, and the benefits of that are huge”, he said. “Philips Lighting is leading that revolution, and to be able to play a part in that is really exciting”.


As a Key Account Manager, Fabian is tasked with customizing lighting solutions to fit a range of requirements from end users. These users include banks, retail outlets, factories and more, and every solution is unique. 


One project he is particularly proud of is the soon-to-be-launched industrial lighting system for a major international logistics firm in Singapore. “Intelligent, connected and wireless, this solution will cover 100,000 square meters of floor space, and essentially impact an entire industry. It will be the most advanced solution of its kind anywhere globally-”, Fabian explained.


It’s not just the projects he works on that keep Fabian excited about working at Philips Lighting. The development opportunities on offer there are proving to be a real motivating force in his career.

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Philips Lighting is a large, multinational market leader; and the opportunities for personal and professional development reflect that. There are chances to move up and around if you seek them out, and even internationally if that’s your thing”.


Fabian Choh

Key Account Manager, Philips Lighting Singapore