How Eshwar
defines cloud

Bringing connected light innovations to life across the globe


Eshwar Sonti, shares his story about working as a Software Engineer at Philips Lighting. He feels proud to be part of a team that creates amazing lighting experiences for people around the world. Eshwar helps create and define cloud solutions that bring our dynamic and connected lighting innovations to life across the globe. His work helps him make a meaningful difference to people’s lives every day.

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The impact you can have as a Software Engineer at Philips Lighting

Eshwar Sonti


I see how the 0’s and the 1’s in the software transform into light, and that fascinates me! I feel proud that I am part of the team that helps create these amazing experiences for people.”


Eshwar Sonti

Software Architect
Professional Lighting Systems

San Francisco
Our dedication to improving lives is reflected in our company, our innovations, and a commitment to our people.
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