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Sports Lighting 

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Making Philips a champion player in sports lighting  

by David Vukovich, Senior Key Account Manager, Sports Lighting and System Services


There’s no average day with my position at Philips Lighting. I spend approximately 60% of my time on the road. One week I could be exhibiting at one of the 10-15 industry trade shows we are involved with each year. Other weeks I could be meeting with various facility managers at major sports venues discussing how to improve their current lighting systems. This includes NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and NCAA facilities.


A varied and flexible job

As a Senior Key Account Manager, I enjoy meeting with decision makers and having a positive impact, on both the facility itself and the fans who view the events. I’ll meet with the operations or facility manager of a sports venue and talk to them not only about replacing their field lighting with LED luminaires, but also upgrading the lighting in the entire facility. It’s not just about changing the lighting system of the field or playing surface to LED, it’s about creating a total fan experience. I look at ways to enhance the spectator experience as well as improve the efficiency of the facility’s other lighting systems that the public doesn’t always see.


I’m extremely passionate when speaking with people about what Philips Lighting can do in a sports facility. Philips is the leader in global sports lighting and is committed to that here in North America. While we have a rich history of providing conventional lighting solutions for professional and collegiate venues, we are just starting to promote LED sports lighting here in North America.


I travel all over the US, so I have the possibility to work from anywhere. I enjoy the flexibility that Philips Lighting offers. If I have a personal situation that requires attention, I’m usually able to work around it. We have an entrepreneurial culture. If you’re getting solid results, it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting. My manager knows me and trusts me to get the job done. You can’t put a value on that.


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Philips Lighting is a great place to have a long lasting career. It’s a solid 125-year-old company that values its employees and takes care of them. If you’re a dedicated, hardworking employee, Philips gives you the opportunity to advance.”


David Vukovich

Senior Key Account Manager,

Sports Lighting and System Services