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LEDification by the lighting industry result in exciting opportunities for Engineers 

Lighting Systems tailored to customers' needs

by Andor Tóth, Development Engineer, Specials Group Leader, Hungary


After eight years of experience in the automotive industry, coming to work at Philips Lighting felt like coming home! We produce a huge range of luminaires for professional markets, i.e. retail, offices, hospitality and industrial installations. However, many of our customers need customized products to meet specific needs; lighting systems that are 'engineered to order'. You never know what different derivation of a product or system a customer is going to want. As Specials group leader, I like the challenging aspect of this.


Flexibility rules

I studied product development for my MSc at the Technical University of Budapest. My experience in automotive was valuable, of course, but I very much prefer the open business structure and flexible way of working at Philips Lighting.

Freedom to move

We have three locations in Hungary: the manufacturing site in Tamasi, our Regional Distribution Centerin Szazhalombatta, and the Budapest office, which we share with the Regional Sales Organization. I work out of the Budapest office three days of the week, and spend the other two days in Tamasi factory.


I really enjoy the mindset at Philips Lighting, where there is not only experimentation with new technologies, but also openness to new ways of doing business and new experiences. There's also openness to people and new ideas - the teamwork is excellent. We work mostly in cross-functional teams within the factory and across Europe.


Freedom to grow

There are always opportunities to learn and grow here, both professionally and personally. The online Philips University provides an easy (and free!) way to find out about the overall management structure and business strategies. You can also follow courses to acquire specific skills and improve your experience and knowledge in different fields.


Developing opportunities

I think that in the future, customers will increasingly demand greater efficiency from lighting installations at the same time as lower cost. I think energy consumption will continue to be a big issue in the Professional Lighting sector, so developing new solutions that offer better value while taking advantage of new technologies will continue to present my Specials group with challenges in the future. 

Andor Tóth


I like not knowing what new challenges I'll be presented with every day. I find that a great motivation - it keeps me on my toes!" 


Andor Tóth

Development Engineer, Specials Group Leader,


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