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Have an impact in Research at Philips Lighting



It’s wonderful to be working on a new technology that has the capacity to build a new industry and help make the world a better place."


                                           Gus van der Feltz

Global Director City Farming, Philips Horticulture Solutions

Furthering your career in Research at Philips Lighting

Expanding knowledge

A career in Research at Philips Lighting offers you wide-ranging opportunities. You may have an affinity for trend spotting and idea creation, or for realizing new proof of concepts, or even for developing first-of-a-kind products. Whatever your passion, our globally networked innovation community is the perfect environment for creation, continuous learning and knowledge sharing.


Meaningful innovation
Because we want to make an impact on people’s lives, we ask our Research scientists and technologists to create innovations that improve the lives of people beyond lighting.

Our expertise and experience is based on a legacy of over 124 years of applied research and the world-leading Philips portfolio of over 130,000 patents. In Philips Lighting, you will build on this legacy in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams. Your work will include collaboration with research centers, companies, clients, start-ups, academic peers and other partners in an open, collaborative environment. You will successfully translate new ideas into commercially relevant solutions, focusing on our ultimate aim, which is to contribute to a better, greener, and happier living environment.


Create your own legacy

Your career opportunities within the Lighting Research organization will cover LED products, connected lighting systems, services and applications. Whichever direction you follow, you can actively design your future and create your own legacy. We offer the opportunities. It’s up to you to drive your career in the direction you choose.

Working at Philips Lighting: Research Team


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