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Have an impact in Marketing at Philips Lighting



Consumer insights help us to understand the consumer needs and from these deep insights we discovered that consumers want an easy way to create their own ambiance at home and also to be fully in control with it. "


                                           Amandine Brun

Marketing Manager for HUE

Amandine shines her light on connected lighting solutions

Bring innovations that matter to Market

Exercise your entrepreneurial spirit

If you share our passion for improving people’s lives, a marketing position at Philips may be just what you’re looking for. As a marketer at Philips, you’ll be free to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll use in-depth customer insights, combined with detailed market research, to develop and market innovative products that have a positive impact on people’s lives.


It’s all about the customer journey

The DNA of all Philips marketing is the customer journey. By understanding the offline and online interactions involved with a particular product or category, we keep our fingers on the pulse of what customers want in terms of new experiences, products and services.


Global campaigns, local implementation

Marketing at Philips is as decentralized as possible. The business groups create global campaigns that local marketers can adapt for customer acquisition and retention. These global campaigns include digital capabilities so you can bring the campaign to life locally.


Working digitally

Digital is the way today’s marketer does business, whether it’s B2C or B2B. Digitization is changing every aspect of business, including our products and solutions. In lighting, connected LED technologies are creating healthier, more comfortable and more energy-efficient cities, workplaces and homes.


Drive your career

In this exciting, innovative environment you can drive your career in the directions you want. By working on challenging assignments in a network of global professionals, you can broaden your expertise and experience and reach your full marketing potential.