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Make an impact
in Design at Philips Lighting



As a designer it makes me really feel proud to know we are delivering solutions which help improve peoples’ lives, making them feel safe, comfortable and inspired”


Tuğba Kuzyaka

Lighting applications services specialist



The impact you can have as an engineer at Philips

Design solutions that go beyond illumination at Philips Lighting

At the heart of innovation

Lighting design at Philips Lighting goes far beyond light bulbs and lamps. It’s about innovation that really matters. Developing lighting solutions that are distinctive and relevant. Creating truly meaningful products and services that enrich the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities. At Philips Lighting, you are part of a globally networked community, at the very heart of this innovation process.


Deep understanding of what impact lighting can have
We are transforming the lighting industry – and at Philips, you can make an impact on the shape of things to come. Because this transformation can only be achieved through intimate familiarity with people’s values, inspirations, priorities, likes and dislikes. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, you will do extensive user research to understand what end-users really need and want. In partnership with colleagues in other business groups, you’ll translate your insights into compelling lighting propositions that enrich the quality of people’s lives.


Challenging design opportunities

You’ll be working in a diverse, highly creative and challenging network including some of the world’s leading design experts in Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, China and India. We’re active in many different design areas, including product innovation, brand communication, and next-generation ‘design futures’. No matter which area you choose for your career with us, our focus is always the same: designing solutions for a better, greener, and happier world.


Designing your career
An indispensable quality you share with your colleagues is a passion for light. You want to actively design your career and create your own legacy, building on over a century of innovation in lighting that is the Philips heritage. Opportunities abound: as design manager or creative director, product, communications, service or digital designer. Your skills may focus on the interaction between product interfaces and users, on the integration of architecture and technology, or on research.


We offer the opportunities. It’s up to you to drive your career in the direction you choose.