Help us shape the future of Light

Working at Philips Lighting, how lighting transforms the world

Light is fundamental to our lives
Light can transform spaces and moods, comfort and soothe, uplift and inspire, it can create brighter, safer environments, increase productivity, and improve energy efficiency. Whether at home, on the road, in the city, shopping, at work or at school, we are creating lighting solutions that transform environments, create experiences, and help shape identities. We are at the forefront of shaping this fascinating new era for lighting in the digital age.


Help create a brighter future
With the remarkable transformation currently taking place in the lighting industry, we see that the future is brighter than ever. LED technology and its novel applications is gaining ground as the new source of lighting which gives us ample opportunity to create innovative value propositions and business opportunities. Philips Lighting leads the way and contributes to solving the worlds’ largest challenges such as light poverty and sustainability. The jobs at Philips Lighting reflect this. For example you can contribute to new innovative LED solutions or apply your business skills to explore new markets and create compelling propositions. Together with architects, lighting designers, city planners, public authorities, and with consumers in their homes, you’ll be helping providing a better future for individuals, communities and future generations.


A full range of opportunities
A career at Philips Lighting offers you the opportunity to create your own legacy, building on the Philips heritage of leadership in innovative lighting. You can apply your expertise in a full range of environments, as we serve our customers through a market segment approach which encompasses Public, Retail and Hospitality, Office and Industry and Home. We provide a wide range of offerings from across the entire lighting value chain - from light sources, luminaires and lighting controls to lighting systems and services. Our global reach will give you the opportunity to work in a dynamic, transforming industry and collaborate with colleagues around the world. Bring your vision and skills to the diverse, global environment of Philips Lighting, and make your impact on innovations that matter.

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