LED lighting cuts energy and maintenance costs 

Installing LEDs is clearly a better choice than either fluorescent or halogen lights for new buildings and refurbishments. They are more efficient, and have longer lifetimes and better color rendering. And it’s now also worth replacing existing tubes and lamps with LEDs routinely for the energy savings alone. Philips has unmatched LED ranges for all three types, with reductions in maintenance costs coming as a bonus. 

Improvements in efficiency and light design at Philips make them one-for-one replacements for luminaires, tubes and lamps. You need no extra lights to get 500+ lux on the table. We’ve designed them all with installers in mind. 

LED Lamps

Highest reliability, widest range

You get the industry's most reliable LED lamps from Philips. And the widest range, too. There's extensive compatibility with transformers and dimmers, and deep dimming without flicker. Try our MASTER LEDspot or the newest GU10 LED spots with ExpertColor technology, which match the color spectrum of halogens to make spaces bright, vivid and refreshing.

''Up to 80% lower energy costs than halogens with lifetimes of 40,000 hours or more''

LED tubes

The right LED tube every time 

From offices to retail stores, car parks to industry, every customer has their own unique lighting requirements. Whatever you need, the Philips LED tubes portfolio offers it all. From optimized energy efficiency, to the highest light output for even the most demanding applications. 


"Up to 65% lower energy costs than fluorescents with over 3x the lifetime.''


The widest range of high quality, affordable LED luminaires

The CoreLine range offers true 1:1 replacements for conventional lighting with lifetimes of 50,000 hours or more. The products are stylish, affordable and easy-to-install. CoreLine is the widest range of energy-saving LED luminaires available, so you can create a consistent look, quality level and experience throughout your customer’s premises.

''Consistent and affordable quality''