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Plaza Botero

Medellin - Colombia
Colombia, Medellin, Plaza Botero, Philips Lighting City People Light award

The Plaza Botero lighting project is located in the historic center of Medellin, next to two major roads, both very important for local development, one of them with an important historical connotation as it marks the beginning of the urban conurbation of Medellin


The goal is for Plaza Botero to act as a trigger site for the city’s night-time identity, and to reactivate the public space at night for the cultural activities arising from its historic and patrimonial context.

Plaza Botero is now a place visited and lived by day and by night. A social study conducted shows that 83% of the surveyed population have visited the square during the day and/or night. 


Medellin, Colombia, Plaza Botero, Philips Lighting City People Light award