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Electronic Design Services lab

Our EDS Center is completely equipped to support you with the design and management of your circuit boards and beyond. Services comprise PCB design rule management, component registration and component data management in the electrical and mechanical domain, CAD-E library creation, CAD-M 3D modeling, Electronic Design Automation and its interface to the mechanical design.


Moreover, we can provide a full training program and make you the expert in the Design Tools and processes. We can also execute the full PCB design for you. With advanced methodologies and automation tools, our team of seasoned designers fulfills your quality, reliability, compliancy and planning requirements.

Our main competences

PCB Technology and Design Rules Management

Based upon broad competences and practical experience in the area of printed circuit board manufacture, PCB technologies and PCB assembly, we compiled a comprehensive set of General Design Rules and calculation rules for component footprints and interconnection technologies (such as reflow and wave soldering) or combinations of these technologies. Application of the rules and verification of customer designs, contribute to high first-pass yield in the assembly process and to reliable solder joints.
Library Creation and Management
A professional team - co-located in Europe and India - constructs EDA (Electronics Design Automation) libraries for electronic and electromechanical components. Schematic symbols, footprint geometries and component characteristics are modeled, captured and maintained in a global database. Symbols comply with standards such as IEC. Footprint geometrics are suitable for various soldering technologies such as wave solder and reflow solder. The libraries are suitable for low-volume and high-volume assembly.
Electronics Design Automation and Printed Board Design
The EDA design flow enables a range of advanced methods and ways-of-working. Concurrent and team design methods allow shorter design schedules. Design simulation and verification provide quality assurance. The design flow is based upon Expedition Enterprise, made by Mentor Graphics Corporation. A team of experienced board-designers applies advanced methodologies and automation tools to fulfill customers’ planning and design reliability requirements.
Component and Product Life Cycle Management
Managing the quality and availability of technologies, components and products during the development, production and maintenance phase assures lowest costs and risks for our customers.

Meet our experts

Your technical contact

Ton van Wanrooij
Group Leader, Electronic Design Services
Phone: +31 6 22 97 65 92

Your general contact

Ben Broers
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 40 27 48883

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