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Rethink the night

Rethink the night


There are two types of people who seem to like staying up late at night – those who are fond of parties, and lighting designers.

There may be opportunities for both at an event being held on the Greek Island of Kea, on the 10th-14th of October 2016. Called ‘Reclaim the Night’, it is an international lighting design workshop, taking place on an island in the Aegean for the third consecutive year.

The workshop deals with a very important topic: the interaction between artificial lighting and darkness, which is an increasingly rare commodity. Attendees will be able to experience natural nightlight and develop lighting design concepts that work in harmony with the darkness.

The three workshop heads are lighting designer Lara Elbaz, projection mapping expert Christoph Drews and architect Iva Vassileva. Their workshops build on last year’s event, in which attendees came up with lighting solutions for three small chapels on the island.
The workshop also aims to give participants access to current lighting technologies: dynamic lighting control, phosphorescence-aided lighting, projection mapping and projection techniques. Last year, a range of lighting solutions was available for participants to use when developing their solutions. These included Philips Lighting Amphilux and Color Kinetics ColorBurst.
Philips Lighting Amphilux and Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst
Before the workshop, the participants also had the opportunity to listen to fascinating talks from three speakers: Professor Dr Thomas Romhild, head of the interdisciplinary masters course in lighting design at the Hochschule Wismar in Germany; Dr. Günther Wuchterl, chairperson of the Kuffner Observatory, Vienna and co-chairperson of the International Dark-Sky Association (Austria Chapter); and Dr. -Ing. Georgios Paissidis, chairman of the Hellenic Illumination Committee / Greek CIE National Member & CEO of Stilvi Lighting.

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