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Luminous 14:

Discussing with light

On the factory floor


Recreating a car-assembly plant, a warehouse and a food factory in just 200m2 may seem an impossible challenge – but it is one to which designer Inbo has risen magnificently at the Lighting Application Center (LAC).


Drawing showing the disposition of spaces within the industrial area.


A car assembly plant, a warehouse and a food-processing plant are the three diverse elements that make up the industrial area, designed by Inbo, at the LAC.

Before entering these, visitors arrive at a quiet meeting area, and from there move into the car assembly line where two BMW Minis are in various stages of completion. There are two large skylights in the area, so it is possible to start the experience with natural light, before cycling between different kinds of artificial light. In all the areas there are large carousels in the ceiling that can change the lighting effects, bringing different types of luminaires into play.



Within the ‘assembly line’ there is an area that simulates a paint inspection line. This, of course, is the part of the assembly plant where the ability to discern color and surface texture is crucial.

The warehouse area is fitted with standard shelving, filled with boxes. A mirror wall at the end of the shelving makes the space seem twice as big as it actually is.

The food processing plant, on the mezzanine, has the rubber floors that are commonly installed to comply with hygiene regulations. The display puts particular emphasis on the inspection area, again with an interactive element for visitors. This is of course the part of a food plant where lighting is most important, both in terms of the brightness and lack of shadow, as well as the color rendition.

Lighting Application Center


Working environment


This simulated office has a ceiling crammed with technology


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Learning by seeing and doing


Two contrasting areas showcase the wonder of light and allow visitors to explore its potential.


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A contrast in black and white

Visitors to the center pass from a dark corridor to a bright, white lounge

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