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Discussing with light

Shopping experience


The retail area at the Lighting Application Centre (LAC) creates two very different experiences. Visitors first find themselves in a supermarket aisle and later arrive at, and enter, a high-end fashion store.


The lounge offers a range of different environments for relaxation and shows off a number of different lighting effects


The retail area at the LAC offers contrasting retail experiences – both a clothes shop and a supermarket. Designed by Dutch practice Tjep, it first takes visitors to an introductory space where they can learn more about the basic principles of retail lighting. From there they go to either the food or the fashion section.

In the food section, visitors find themselves in a supermarket aisle. There are rows of shelves with products on them, but rather than being branded, they are all either white or transparent. Panels that can be opened later in the visit reveal real branded products.

The plan is first to reproduce typical bad supermarket lighting and then to show the ways in which it can be improved. The lighting will cycle through a number of different scenes and eventually, having reached the best option, will return to the original, bad lighting.



In addition to the ordinary aisles, the demonstration at the LAC has a ‘deli section’. The lighting there needs to be different for every kind of food.

The fashion section starts with a shop window. Instead of showing real clothes, which would rapidly become outdated, mannequins are contained within inflatable eggs which, as they deflate, wrap the mannequins, so that effectively they wear a different dress every time.

Inside the ‘fashion store’ there are areas dedicated to different items – to clothes, to shoes and to bags. This makes it possible to demonstrate the different types of lighting that different products demand.

Vanity mirrors demonstrate the lighting that is most appropriate for people trying on make-up and a counter area has lighting that is intended to make the waiting process less tedious and to encourage impulse purchases.

Lighting Application Center


on factory floor

On the factory floor


Visitors go to a car-assembly plant, a warehouse and a food-processing unit.


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A showcase for light


Take a look at our new Lighting Application Center at our headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


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A contrast in black and white

Visitors to the centre pass from a dark corridor to a bright, white lounge

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