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Zeeburger Tunnel, Amsterdam


Zeeburger Tunnel,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Zeeburger Tunnel is the 3rd tunnel in The Netherlands to be equipped with T-line
Zeeburger tunnel Amsterdam


the installation works automatically"
Zeeburger tunnel, Amsterdam

Customer Challenge


In June 2011, VolkerRail was given the assignment by Rijkswaterstaat to replace the lighting installation. In the selection process with Rijkswaterstaat and Vialis different suppliers had been approached. Our proposed solution proved to be the winning one.

tunnel exit

The right lighting


At that time, we were the only supplier with demonstrable experience in installing LED lighting in tunnels. We then investigated at whether they could meet the set of requirements for this project.  The Zeeburger Tunnel is the third tunnel in the Netherlands to be equipped with the T-line. The T-line has several advantages compared to equivalent tunnel lighting solutions.

T-line is equipped with proven LED technology, the surface of the T-line is smooth, which makes the luminaire easy to clean. In addition, lamps no longer need to be replaced during the normal service life of the installation, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs for Rijkswaterstaat. Moreover the LEDs will operate for at least 15 years.

Zeeburger Tunnel, Amsterdam refurbished

The Team



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