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tunnel lighting

Boxem Tunnel,
Zwolle, the Netherlands

Philips TotalTunnel is a comprehensive approach to tunnel lighting. It allows us to channel its LED expertise in tailor-made solutions for its customers.
TotalTunnel approach for Boxem Tunnel

We were
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a reliable partner, with broad experienceand knowledge of tunnel lighting. And we found one!”
TotalTunnel approach for Boxem Tunnel

Customer challenge


The Boxem Tunnel was recently completed at the point where a provincial road and waterway intersect. It has been designed as a single-tube tunnel with two traffic lanes. The tunnel was completed with the Philips TotalTunnel concept and equipped with the latest Philips tunnel LED luminaire FlowStar and the TunneLogic control system.

tunnel exit

The right lighting


With the FlowStar installation optimized for flexible light level adjustment via TunneLogic and the long lifetime of the FlowStar we will achieve an energy saving of 34% each year compared to other tunnel lighting systems.

Thanks to the extended lifespan of LEDs, the lighting is almost maintenance free. That saves time, money and reduces traffic disruption because the tunnel has to be closed for this.


tunnel exit
  • FlowStar
    Tunnel operators are looking for an LED solution for both interior and entrance lighting that delivers cost, safety and availability benefits over the full lifetime of the product....
tunnel logic


TunneLogic is a dedicated tunnel control and monitoring system designed specifically for LED technology.


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The Team

Province of Overijssel

Zwolle Municipality



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