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Sustainable lighting
for the future

City of Aurich,



The city of Aurich, Germany opted for flexible lighting management system CityTouch to ensure a sustainable future for their citizens.

Sustainable lighting for the future


to have eased the pressure on the city’s budget. The reports generated by CityTouch enable us to analyze the luminaires’ performance and identify where savings can be made and maintenance optimized. ”


- Iris König, Civil Engineering Office, Aurich.

Sustainable lighting for the future
Sustainable lighting for the future

Customer Challenge


One thing had become abundantly clear to Aurich’s city government – modernizing their street lighting was a key element of their urban development plan. But one question remained: was there a solution that was economical and sustainable and could be controlled remotely?

Sustainable lighting for the future

The right lighting

Our lighting management system CityTouch – in conjunction with modern LED luminaires – provided the right answer. Aurich’s Mayor Windhorst was particularly convinced by the savings CityTouch could deliver. According to their data, the system could potentially save approximately €250,000 and 659 tonnes of CO2 every year. That means it would only take six years for CityTouch to pay for itself – much less time than the city had expected. 


The city installed 3,300 new CityTouch Ready LED luminaires from the Luma product family. They are controlled via the CityTouch Connect app and can be dimmed according to the city’s requirements, saving energy and CO2.  Also, 1,700 traditional luminaires were added to the system digitally via the CityTouch workflow app. The CityTouch system provides rich data visualization and workflow management tools, which make it easy to analyze, plan and maintain the city’s lighting infrastructure and its performance. Now, Aurich can map its entire street lighting infrastructure and manage the system remotely and efficiently – all without the need for prior programming knowledge.

Our city is investing in a sustainable future. We are leading the way with our new controllable outdoor lighting.

Iris König, Civil Engineering Office, Aurich

Rich data visualization and workflow management tools

The Team

City of Aurich

The client

Philips Lighting

Eckhard Schoffelmann

Sales specialist

Miroslav Batarilo

Lighting design

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