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An inviting

at Aller Media

Aller Media,

Økern, Oslo, Norway


Luminous Textile panels create an inviting atmosphere at the Aller Media offices in Økern, Oslo

Aller Media - Økern, Oslo, Norway

We wanted
a big wall

that would conform to the building's design and draw attention - a canvas that could be used for expression."

Vibeke Christiansen, Aller Media AS, Administration Manager
Aller Media - Økern, Oslo, Norway
Aller Media - Økern, Oslo, Norway

Customer Challenge


Vibeke Christiansen, Administration Manager at Aller Media AS, wanted a practical yet decorative feature in the reception of the magnificent new building.

"We want modern buildings to have a clean and simple design, which can result in poor acoustics. We wanted to make an impression that would give movement and energy."

Aller Media - Økern, Oslo, Norway

The right lighting


The solution was luminous textile panels measuring a total of 9 x 4.2 metres. They cover almost one entire wall. The surface displays dynamic videos and - in this case importantly - provides good acoustics.

Luminous textile panels are a combination of multi-colored LEDs finished with beautiful Kvadrat textiles. It creates a totally new, unique atmosphere that can switch from dreamlike non-figurative backgrounds using light and shadow to accentuate a brand or the room, to an information portal for the vast range of imagery Aller produces.

Luminous Textile

Luminous Textile

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