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Safe workspaces
for engineers

VR’s maintenance hall, Oulu, Finland

Discover how LED high-bay lighting is helping VR engineers to carry out maintenance safely
Philips Pacific LED luminaires are installed to provide clear visibility at VR's maintenance hall

When selecting, it was

to consider an energy-saving lighting solution as well adjustability. The halls are used around the clock, so it’s not possible to set predefined times for the lights to switch on and off.”


- Jussi Kivikoura, Project Manager, VR

VR's maintenance hall is now a bright working environment thanks to Philips industry LED lighting

Customer challenge


VR is a state-owned railway company in Finland. Its new maintenance hall spans 17,000 m2, with six tracks running through it. We were given the task of providing powerful and well-placed lighting so that engineers can carry out their work easily.

The right lighting


VR’s old maintenance hall was a dark and dirty place, with outdated lighting. For the new hall, a more comfortable enjoyable work atmosphere was desired. VR began making this a reality, with a carefully selected color scheme. Lighting was the next step, and the company wanted a system that would be eco-friendly and easy to clean, while providing optimal visibility and comfort.


LED lighting provided an express solution. For high-bay lighting, GentleSpace LEDs were suspended from the ceiling. These next-generation luminaires create a comfortable workspace with clean, bright light. In addition, their long life cycle means that no one will have to venture up to the high ceilings to maintain them for a long time.


To provide clear visibility by the side of train tracks and under the rails, Pacific LED luminaires were installed. Their smart, durable construction makes them easy to clean, maintain and upgrade. The new industrial lighting has been carefully placed to create optimal visibility for workers. In addition, smart controls mean the lights dim automatically when there is enough daylight present, or when there is no movement in the area.


The new lighting provides a comfortable, safe workspace for engineers, and fulfils all environmental requirements. Through the energy and maintenance savings it provides, the investment will be paid back within three years.

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