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Havi Logistic Park,
Gyál, Hungary


HAVI logistics realises 73% energy savings and a payback period of 3 years with a full LED lighting system.

Havi Logistic Park - Gyál, Hungary

Zero maintenance
in the coming years "

Havi Logistic Park - Gyál, Hungary

Customer Challenge


The client was searching for a partner who provided next to quality products the full realisation of the project from planning over the de-installation of the old and re-installation and programing of new luminaires up to the guarantee of a ROI within 3 years.

Havi Logistic Park - Gyál, Hungary

The right lighting


Based on the lighting parameters defined by the client, a detailed lighting design plan was created for the complete area. For work safety and optimal energy usage reasons lighting controls were installed: multi-sensor Actilume DALI (dry and chilled areas) and LineSense DALI (freezers) provide solutions to control the light levels. Presence detectors dim the light levels in unused areas to 10%.

The refurbishment was realised to the full satisfaction of the customer, the new, innovative lighting solution decreased the the energy need from annual 293 MWh to 80 MWh, which means 73% energy and 123 t CO2 emission decrease. The investment will pay off within 3 years and the maintenace need over this period is zero. The new lighting increased safety and serves with a pleasant, white, good color rendering light in the warehouses.

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73% energy savings with LED

The team

HAVI Logistics


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