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Bright & sustainable LED

for power plants

DEWA Power Plants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Philips LED luminaires help DEWA and Etihad ESCO to achieve 14 GWh energy savings a year which is 68% on its lighting consumption.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Our partner isn’t just

products. As an ESCO, it is providing expertise and guarantees that those products will maintain the right standard of comfort for the duration of the DEWA project.”


- Asif Khan - Operations Manager, Etihad ESCO

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Customer Challenge

The retrofit of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA’s) power stations was aiming to greatly reduce energy consumption, and to make Dubai’s built environment a leading example of energy efficiency for the region and the world. DEWA needed a solution that would not only provide sustainable lighting and energy savings, but also offer a retrofit that would not disturb plant operations.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

The right lighting


Our focus was twofold: The right lighting solutions to provide comfortable lux levels while also focusing on reducing energy consumption, and developing a sustainable lighting solution for the plans for the long-term duration of the project. Additionally we had to be able to guarantee these energy savings and lighting levels.


We guaranteed lux levels in all areas, and committed to conducting maintenance and upkeep on all new LED lighting systems over the next five years. As such, annual checks and measurements of all fixtures and lux levels are undertaken. Should any fitting not match guaranteed lighting levels, we will take corrective actions, and any failed luminaire will be replaced. These measurements are overseen by our dedicted Services team who continuously monitor operations to ensure guaranteed energy savings and lux levels are met throughout the course of the project.

Managed Services


We provide complete end-to-end solutions – quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to your business. You won’t need to deal with a multitude of suppliers or contractors. And if you’ve already got a team in place, we’ll work with them to ensure everything runs to plan.

More about the service

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