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Faculty club Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands  

Find out how LED restaurant lighting is turning the Faculty club into a magical meeting place.
The Tilburg Univeristy Faculty Club restaurant is fresh and modern, thanks to Philips restaurant lighting

With its durable materials,
generous spaces

and sophisticated details, the Faculty Club is both understated and chic at the same time. We managed to find a lighting solution that is both multifunctional and energy efficient, which radiates purity, whilst also being easy on the eye. This is all thanks to the excellent collaboration with Philips."


- Harm Timmermans, partner Shift architecture urbanism, Rotterdam


Philips Lighting illuminates the Faculty Club meeting place at Tilburg University

Customer challenge


The University of Tilburg wanted to bring people together. In June 2011, it opened the Faculty club, a place where members of the university community can meet. To create the right atmosphere in the 80-seat restaurant, reception rooms and meeting rooms, modern lighting was needed.

The right lighting 


If the Faculty Club was going to become a popular meeting place, it would need an inviting ambience. The university considered several restaurant lighting options before deciding on a 100% LED solution. It was important that the lights could adapt to different occasions at the venue, and the dimming options of LED would make this possible.


LuxSpace downlights were installed in the entrances and toilets, providing a warm welcome to guests. Their glare-free performance provides clear visibility, and a comforting atmosphere. StyliD spotlights were placed around the venue to create enchanting lighting effects. For general illumination, Dayzone luminaires were chosen. Their daylight-like performance creates the perfect ambience for visitors to socialize and relax in.


The new restaurant and meeting room lighting has transformed the Faculty club. The lights perfectly complement the style of the venue, giving it an understated yet luxurious quality.


Thanks to the long life cycle of LED, the restaurant lighting at the Faculty club won’t require maintenance for several years.

  • DayZone
    For general office lighting, customers want to capture the benefits LED technology has to offer – sustainability and fresh, high-impact design, without compromising visual comfort....

Sparking conversations
with light

The Team

Tilburg University


Shift architecture urbanism


Van Delftgroep


Livingprojects BV

Technical Advice

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