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Successfully applied
to Cordyline Fruticosa

South China Normal University,

Guangzhou, China


The South China Normal University College of Life Sciences was founded in January 2002, as the successor to the Department of Biology. This institution has a long history and high level of social influence. Wang Xiaojing, a professor at the college, has 25 years of research experience in the use of light to regulate plant growth and development.

South China Normal University

The shoot propagation

rate increased

by 31% and the shoot mutation rate decreased by 37%."

- South China Normal University

South China Normal University
South China Normal University

The challenge


Professor Wang's team was faced with a new challenge: the cordyline fruticosa tissue culture seedlings of a local tissue culture enterprise had poor uniformity, with a high rate of mutation. The enterprise urgently needed to solve this problem. Due to the many successes of Philips horticultural LED lighting in the tissue culture field, the enterprise formed a three-way partnership with the Collage of Life Sciences and Philips. Professor Wang's research team began to work on the problem, and their goal was to find an LED formula that would improve the reproduction rate and tissue culture seedling uniformity of cordyline fruticosa cultures.

South China Normal University

The right lighting


Philips horticultural experts provided Professor Wang's research team with versions V1 to V6 of their GreenPower TLED products for testing purposes. The team kept detailed records of the various environmental data for each tested version and worked with Philips to regularly analyze the differences between the results of different processing methods. Ultimately, the team selected the Philips GreenPower high-blue white light TLED product to use for cordyline fruticosa tissue cultures. These lights reduced the tissue culture seedling shoot mutation rate, increasing uniformity and the rate of propagation. This light source type also increased the dry matter accumulation and anthocyanins content for a certain variety of cordyline fruticosa tissue culture seedling. These findings were very satisfactory to the enterprise that commissioned the work.


Compared with fluorescent lighting, the use of Philips GreenPower high-blue white light TLED lighting further enhanced the quality of cordyline fruticosa tissue culture seedling growth. The shoot propagation rate increased by 31% and the shoot mutation rate decreased by 37%. For one cordyline fruticosa variety, the dry matter ratio increased by 10% and the chlorophyll content increased by 13%. The tissue culture seedlings became more robust. 

In the three-way cooperation between Philips, the college, and the tissue culture enterprise, professor Wang's team proved their strong research abilities. They effectively communicated and interacted with experts from Philips and the technical staff of the tissue culture enterprise, timely obtained information on the first-line technical support needs of the production process, and conducted a research project with practical applications. 

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Philips GreenPower LED production module


The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.


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The Team

South China Normal University



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