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Tasty tomatoes
all year round

Lancashire, UK

Find out how LED greenhouse lights are maintaining crop growth during winter months.
Andy Roe, Production Manager, Flavourfresh

LEDs will allow us
to improve yields 

and deliver a world class product all year round”


- Andy Roe, Production Manager

Andy Roe, Production Manager, Flavourfresh
Flavourfresh, Lancashire, UK

Customer challenge

Flavourfresh is one of the leading suppliers of vegetables to leading supermarkets. One of its most significant challenges is to deliver healthy and tasty locally grown tomatoes to the supermarkets all year round. After a trial with 100% Philips LED toplighting and LED interlighting, the company is hoping to take the outcome of the research into the commercial environment.
Flavourfresh, Lancashire, UK

The right lighting 

To get the right lighting, they installed a hybrid system comprising Philips GreenPower LED interlighting modules in two rows (delivering 110 μmol/m2/s) and Philips GreenPower LED toplighting modules (delivering 112 μmol/m2/s). Installation was managed in co-operation by Philips LED Horti Partner Agrolux and LS Systems UK Ltd.

The results are promising. After two days of lighting the tomato plants already looked stronger, with darker leaves, more purple anthocyanin in the head, and a stronger truss. Flavourfresh expects to increase yield of the tomato crop by a minimum of 30% with LED technology.

The hybrid LED top/interlighting system makes it possible for growers with low-ceilinged greenhouses to keep the lighting on during winter. Without the negative effect of heat radiation, the greenhouse retains more C02, which will lead to higher production.
Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


A Philips LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.

The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.
Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

Philips GreenPower LED interlighting


The interlighting module is a bi-directional lighting module for interlighting in between tall plants.

The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.

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