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Find out how Planmeca is saving energy and wowing visitors with LED exhibition lighting.


Philips exhibition lighting, which utilizes surface light, brings a modern and stylish ambience to Planmeca

We chose
a modern solution

with which we are able to maintain a stylish and fashionable space for several years."


- Jussi Ylisaari, After Sales Manager, Planmeca Ltd.

Customer challenge


Planmeca is a pioneer of modern dental designs. Its range of high-tech dental equipment and software is exported all around the world. For the renovation of its exhibition space, Planmeca needed exhibition lighting that would highlight the quality and color of its products.

Philips surface lights illuminate the Planmeca exhibition, creating an energy-efficient and impressive atmosphere

The right lighting

Appearance is very important to Planmeca. Its products are colorful and often customized to fit the buyer’s needs. This means that in a few months, the products on display in the exhibition room could change dramatically. With this in mind, it was important that the lights could show off the quality and color of the products, and adapt to new designs if needed.


For the roof and walls of the exhibition space, ColorGraze lights were ‘hidden’ behind sheets of Barrisol, a light-permeable material. This means that the surfaces glow brightly and create a unique modern atmosphere, but the viewer cannot actually see the surface light source. Touch-sensitive controls allow the lighting to be altered with the push of a button. This helps Planmeca to dim the lights easily during lectures so that detailed x-rays can be seen.


For general overhead lighting, LuxSpace was chosen for its clean, refreshing light, which compliments the surrounding white surfaces spectacularly. Above the products on display, StyliD spot fixtures create a lighting effect that is reminiscent of an art gallery. As a result, the color and sleek design of each item on display has been carefully enhanced by the glare-free LED light.


Even though the new system has a greater number of fixtures, energy consumption has decreased significantly thanks to LED technology. In addition, automated dimming at night creates even more energy savings.

  • ColorGraze EC Powercore
    ColorGraze EC Powercore
    ColorGraze EC Powercore is a cost-effective luminaire, featuring a wide 90° x 90° to highlight architectural features ranging from surface textures and molding details to archways ...

Showing products
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