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Daylight harnessing innovations

Marks & Spencer,  Sheffield, UK  


Find out how energy-saving lighting is improving sustainability in Marks & Spencers.


LED lighting is
an important

part of our reduction strategy and provides bright, consistent light levels which really complement our fantastic quality products."


- Richard Gillies, Director of Plan A, CSR & Sustainable Business

Fruits and vegetables look fresh with Philips supermarket lighting
Welcoming atmosphere at the parking area in the night with Philips energy-saving lighting

Customer challenge


Marks & Spencers is one of the biggest supermarket brands in the UK. It has made a major commitment to sustainability, aiming to become fully carbon neutral by 2013. As part of these goals, its Sheffield branch sought a 100% LED lighting system.

Energy efficient LED lighting at Marks&Spencer, Sheffield, illuminated by Philips parking lighting

The right lighting


Marks & Spencer stores are synonymous with quality shopping. In order for an LED solution to meet the brand’s high standards, it had to enhance the shopping experience and save energy. This was achieved through strategically chosen and positioned lighting. Outside, around the entrance areas, EW Blast and Graze lights were positioned to attract customers to the store with bright, pleasing ambience.


Upon entering, customers are welcomed in with Maxos LED supermarket lighting. This innovative trunking system, with a mix of twin and single StyliD fixtures, conserves energy by angling the light directly onto merchandise. As a result, products appear fresh and enticing, and light is not wasted. Powerbalance is used for general ambient lighting, providing excellent visibility without any unwanted glare.

Not only are all the new light fittings highly energy-efficient, but an intelligent control system saves even more electricity. Light sensors detect the amount of daylight coming in through the windows, dimming the luminaires automatically so that a constant level of light is achieved. The fittings can even be programmed to be switched off together as daylight takes over.


The Sheffield store is now the first supermarket in the UK to be completely lit by LED lighting.

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