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Hoogvliet Scheveningen,

With the flexible and adjustable Philips StoreWise Wireless system, Hoogvliet creates the optimum store ambience for every department and every product while saving on maintenance, installation and energy.
Dashboard StorWize wireless on ipad, adjust light scenes

Philips StoreWise Wireless

we offer our customers a unique shopping experience. We can now display all our products in the best possible way by varying light levels. This wireless system allows us to save on installation and material costs, and on energy. Huge benefits that Philips StoreWise Wireless has pleasantly surprised us with." 

- Marco Brienen, construction and technology project manager at Hoogvliet

Employee Hoogvliet at fruit and vegetable department

Customer challenge

With nearly 70 supermarkets in the west and center of the Netherlands, Hoogvliet offers its customers the best product quality and a great store ambiance. The supermarket chain also wanted to deliver on this promise in its new store in Scheveningen. A flexible adjustable lighting system would fit that ambition. Philips StoreWise Wireless turned out to be the best choice for this.
Dashboard StorWize wireless on ipad, choose light scenes

The right lighting

Hoogvliet opted for ease of installation and maintenance with Philips StoreWise Wireless. Light lines are connected to the meter box via sensors and Wireless Group Control. Philips StoreWise Wireless in particular achieves savings in refurbishment or renovation situations, where installation of cables is often costly. 


"With Philips StoreWise Wireless, we now provide Hoogvliet with a much better service. We immediately see in the app where we need to make adjustments. That saves a lot of time." 


-Rolf Dracht, technical director at Waterman Installation


Flexible control of lighting levels

The Philips StoreWise Wireless app controls the light intensity and color temperature for each department and every aisle. Products are presented in the right ambience and, if required, in line with special seasonal and promotional events. 


Saving energy

Philips StoreWise Wireless adjusts lighting levels to, among other things, opening hours and available daylight, but also to areas that are used in a limited way (warehouse, goods reception, cafeteria, etc). In addition to saving on the costs for the wireless installation, it also saves on power costs.


The answer to online shopping

Philips StoreWise Wireless is the answer to online shopping. Good lighting makes shopping an experience; a pleasant activity that makes a careful purchase in an atmospheric environment possible. 


Ready for the future 

Philips StoreWise Wireless is ready for the future. Integration with future luminaires and sensors that are still to be developed is possible, and drastic changes are no longer necessary. 


"We use Philips StoreWise Wireless to showcase our products at their best. By setting the lighting per zone in the app, our products look much more attractive. Fresh products look really fresh, and other products and product groups, such as promotional products or wine, are perfectly highlighted. This encourages the purchase of our products." 


- Marco Brienen, construction and technology project manager at Hoogvliet

StoreWise supermarket

Philips StoreWise


Designed just for retail, Philips’ StoreWise system combines the best of LED and controls in a flexible package to help deliver cost savings, adjust lighting to every day demands, and create a better, more engaging customer experience.

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Where visionaries meet luminaries


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