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An intelligent

lighting system

Carrefour Market,

Provencia Group's Groisy Carrefour Market is the first supermarket in France equipped with the StoreWise solution, an intelligent lighting system designed for supermarkets.

The StoreWise system is an innovative

and comprehensive solution that allows the Carrefour Market store in Groisy to effectively manage its lighting while lowering consumption"


- Sébastien Giroutru, General Services Manager


Customer Challenge


The Provencia Group stores are committed to strive for energy efficiency and environmental protection on a daily basis.

As such, this project faced a two-fold challenge: to generate energy savings and create the lighting effects in order to showcases products, particularly in sales areas.


The right lighting


Philips' StoreWise system consists of high performance LED luminaires connected to a lighting management system with a simple and intuitive interface, preconfigured for supermarkets for a quick and simple installation.


The 2,000 m² area of the Carrefour Market Groisy store was completely renovated with the installation of 375 CoreLine trunking, enabling the achievement of a 50% energy savings compared to the T8 fluorescent tubes previously used. The entire fresh food section has been upgraded with 140 EcoStyle Freshfood accent projectors that reveal the colors of all the food items, using dedicated shades. These projectors were installed on the same level as the lighting strips in order to improve the visual comfort and uniformity of the store.


The installed ensemble is managed by an autonomous lighting control system, StoreWise, that provides light level preservation to compensate for the natural reduction of the luminous flux, adjust lighting levels depending on natural light or the activity in the store and even manage the lighting intensity in different zones of the store in order to highlight certain shelves. At any moment, it is possible to assume the manual control of these different functions in order to adjust these programs using an intuitive graphic interface.


Designed just for retail, our StoreWise system combines the best of LED and controls in a flexible package to help deliver cost savings, increased ambiance and flexibility to be able to adjust lighting to everyday demands.

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Carrefour Market Groisy

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