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Adding sparkle

to a shop floor


Harrods, UK


Find out how Harrods is adding sparkle to its store with energy saving retail lighting.

Illuminating sales floor at Harrods, UK with Philips lamps for chandeliers

The chandeliers now  look brilliant

and the shop floor staff are very happy with the new candle lamps. We will be specifying them for all of the chandeliers throughout the store in the future.”
Woman looking at products lit by Philips retail lighting systems
Chandeliers at Harrods, UK with Philips LED lamps in the shape of a candle

Customer challenge


Harrods is a world-famous leader in luxury retail. Within the Wedgwood section of its Knightsbridge store, the chandelier light bulbs needed upgrading. The previous lamps wasted a lot of energy, and their high heat output meant that air conditioning couldn’t function properly. Could LED help?

Nicely lit products with Philips retail lighting and Philips lamps suitable for chandeliers at Harrods, UK

The right lighting


Wedgwood is a global brand renowned for its luxury home and lifestyle products. At Harrods, the Wedgwood retail space is lit by chandeliers, which also form part of the company’s range on sale. It is therefore essential that the chandeliers provide good lighting and look their best to appeal to customers.


Although the previous 15w halogen lamps had provided the right visual effects, they used too much energy and produced a lot of heat, which affected operational costs. Initially, the halogen bulbs were replaced with LED candle lamps, but they could not reproduce the same sparkling effect.


MASTER LEDcandle was the perfect solution. These new retail lighting fixtures come with an acrylic ‘lotus’ lens, which delivers extra sparkle. The led chandeliers now look spectacular, and they fill the floor with a glamorous glow. Harrods has not only saved money by reducing the electric load, but it has also reduced the energy consumption of the air conditioning by eliminating excess heat. A glowing victory for LED.


With a life of 20,000 hours, the new lamps will need to be replaced less often, meaning Harrods will save on maintenance costs.

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