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A tailored lighting solution
Madrid, Spain


Being fully aware that the retail marketplace is exceptionally competitive, Bershka started looking for ways to differentiate itself and create a unique concept in their physical stores. Today, the tailored made Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling  ensures that the new ‘Stage Concept’ developed by Castel Veciana rocks and rolls!

A holosic lighting solution for retail stores

The most interesting

of the store is the Philips OneSpace light panel. It is a fantastic lighting element. As soon as I saw it I knew that we had to include it in our store concept for Bershka."


- Architect Jordi Castel, Castel Veciana

High quality of light of Philips luminaires shows garments in their true colors

Customer Challenge


The key pillars of the Bershka brand are fashion, youth and music, which had to be fully reflected in all components of every store. Architecture and design firm ‘Castel Veciana’, was requested to design a new store concept supporting this vision. To make such a bold and adventurous theme work, a vital component is in-store lighting. 

Bershka uses Philips OneSpace, new store concept globally, young people, trends, new technologies

The right lighting


Castel Veciana had a clear vision of what the new lighting, supporting their new Stage Concept should look like. It included large light panels to clearly define the available space and help create a new identity. It also had to be customizable and highly flexible, so that it could perfectly match and support the new theme. Finally, the lighting solution had to be repeatable and adaptable, enabling the fashion chain to roll out the new lighting and store concept globally in all of its locations.


Castel Veciana chose the Philips OneSpace panel, which offered unique benefits with which realizing the new design became possible. This sleek-looking ceiling panel has a distinctive design, suitable for Bershka’s unique store theme, while its ability to provide highlights allows different retail areas to be clearly delineated. In addition to the lighting emphasis provided by OneSpace, linear luminaires and theatrical projectors are used to complete the lighting solution in support of the Stage Concept. These together are proving effective in guiding customers through certain areas of the store, catching their attention to look at certain displays, and leading them to the changing rooms where interest is converted into sales.

Unique store concept that differentiates

Perfectly illuminated garments and guided customers

Easy control and spot on maintenance

A store concept ready to be rolled out globally

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