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The Royal Pavilion enhanced by

dynamic lighting

Lighting the Royal Pavilion

See how dynamic architectural lighting enhances the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.
Brighton Pavilion 2

This new

lighting scheme lits  


the Royal Pavilion a way that this iconic and unique building deserves''


Bill Randall, former Mayor of Brighton & Hove

Brighton Pavilion 3
Brighton Pavilion 4

Customer challenge


The previous lighting was switched off in 2009 following constant failures. In developing the new lighting it was key to ensure that the installation did not result in any physical or structural changes to this historic building.

Brighton Pavilion 4

The right lighting 


The new sustainable architectural lighting has enhanced the night time appearance of the building. The previous floodlighting failed to really bring the Royal Pavilion to life.


The new lighting provides depth and definition, revealing the natural stone colors of the rendering of the Royal Pavilion at night and creating a golden hue which represents the grandiose nature of the Palace.


Benefits Brighton Pavilion
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