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Striking ambience,

winning atmosphere for Friends Arena

Friends Arena,
Solna, Sweden

Discover how modern stadium lighting is helping Friends Arena to amaze fans from afar
The impression exterior of Friends Arena at Sweden, illuminated by Philips lighting

The architectural

was supposed to be calm with soft color changes. The light setting needed a certain evenness to give the impression that the exterior has been painted in different colors, and that’s something we’ve really succeeded in.”


- Helena Åkerberg, lighting architect. Lighthouse AB

Color changing façade at Friends Arena, Sweden
Impressing color-changing façade at Friends Arena, Sweden illuminated by Philips

Customer challenge


Sweden’s new national arena needed a giant lighting system. However, the original exterior lighting plan for the 65,000 capacity venue was too expensive and would be impossible to maintain. Lighting design agency Lighthouse AB came up with a more practical plan using Philips technology.

Friends Arena stadium effectively lit with Philips lighting for sport fields

The right lighting 

With its newly built, modern architecture, Friends Arena needed fresh and exciting lighting. The idea was to construct a living exterior that could be altered to suit any event. To achieve this, the designers sought an RGB stadium lighting system powerful enough to illuminate the 24-metre tall exterior from above and below.


Philips iColorGraze was ready to deliver striking ambience. Despite its low energy consumption, it can project light over a long distance, creating a wall of vibrant color. The luminaires were placed every 3 meters for a balanced look, and this positioning allows for easy maintenance. In collaboration with the architect, a plaster with the right tone and texture was chosen to enhance and reflect the light attractively.


In the inside of the venue, 316 ArenaVision luminaires light up the pitch, creating crystal clear views for fans and players. These floodlights achieve the goal of illuminating the field while consuming minimal energy. In addition, the luminaires are individually directed to keep light levels below 3500 lux for TV broadcasts, meeting FIFA requirements. With all objectives met, the project has been a resounding victory for the Friends Arena.

The LED façade lighting can switch color in an instant, so the stadium exterior can change to reflect team colors or adapt to seasonal events. Whatever color they are, the stunning walls of light are bound to enchant visitors from afar.

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Making fans

The Team

Peab AB

Construction company/Client

Helena Åkerberg, Lighthouse AB

Lighting architect

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