LED lighting

Endless possibilities to create better experiences

LED lighting is arguably the most profound change the lighting industry has witnessed since the invention of electric light itself. LEDs are transforming the nature of lighting by opening up new possibilities for how and where artificial light is used to enhance the human experience.

Possibilities of LED

See how LED lighting distinguishes offices, beautifies outdoor spaces, and provides energy-saving solutions to hotels.
LED solutions
LED lighting

Designers delight

LEDs and LED solutions are a designers’ delight. We have worked with many architects and lighting designers to achieve projects that both inspire and innovate. How would you apply LED lighting?
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Our key LED solutions

Explore our LED lighting solutions that are recently or soon to be launched.
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LED lighting uses less energy than most other lamps, lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement.

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Sustainability and LED

Sustainability and respect for the environment are values of Philips. With LED solutions, we take a major step forward in achieving both aims.

Philips LED solutions

What are LEDs?

Discover everything you need to know about the LED phenomenon.

What are LEDs?

Added intelligence

LEDs are like computer chips. Used in lighting solutions, they can be pre-programmed, or changed at the touch of a button to create myriad

Hofvijfer, Den Hague, The Netherlands

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Philips LED solutions

"The dome breathes light!"

PUB department store, Stockholm, Sweden


Discover how MASTER LEDlamps can reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs without compromising light quality.

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